Dear Trading Enthusiast:  KVS is glad to present to you, herewith, an information copy of the latest comprehensive email that KVS subscribers received, for action on Feb 7, 2014 and the next several trading sessions. This WEBSITE serves to showcase the trading and market timing services of Key-Volume Strategies Inc, in its 45th year. Subscribers receive multiple emails daily, with specific buy and sell advice and follow-ups. All trades and market advice are tracked to completion. Volatility is a major ingredient: all our work is systematic, founded on KVS innovations over these many years.


Just before the full line //////////////// that ends this presentation, there are advantageous subscription offers for your timely attention. Below that line is the HISTORY section, with recent and previous features and other content. KVS looks forward to your remaining, or becoming, a long term follower. All the best to you in 2014! Ben Sterling and KVS Staff




DEAR KVS FOLLOWER: Keep In Mind!  THE "GREAT RECESSION", STARTED IN 2007 AND LASTED 5-6 YEARS, HAD MAJOR ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL FOUNDATIONS. THE "UNREASONABLE FACSIMILE" THAT STOOD WALL STREET ON ITS HEAD JAN 16-24, WITH  5 down days erasing 644 Dow points was completely fear driven, and stays at work now to build a strong new base for 2014.


Multiple Profits Taken 1/30-31, 2/3-5:  REVIEW DETAIL BELOW. *** FLAGS NEW AND OPEN SIGNALS; ### FLAGS COMPLETED SIGNALS. // New signals 1/31 & later can be followed for ACTIVE subscribers only!  Courtesy emails expired 2/3.   DON’T MISS TIMELY OFFERS AT THE END OF THIS EMAIL!


*** NEW Signal: Type D from NMF” Alert for 2/7/14: Feb800C (OEX1422B800): Closed 2.45 on 2/6. Buy 2/7 opening, Sell +37% higher (XV/NV +33% and NMF+40% compromise). In case of interim 20% dip: buy more, sell both pos +37% above the lower buy. ***Alternate S&P500: Feb178C(SPY1422B178): Closed 1.76 on 2/6. Buy 2/7 opening, Sell +37% higher. Handle possible interim 20% dip as for the OEX choice.

*** NEW Contrarian Signal: Type D for 2/7/14: Feb750P (OEX1422N750): Closed 2.00 on 2/6. Buy 2/7 opening, Sell +33% higher. This rare signal results from extraordinary triple digit volatility: NMF favors calls, XV/NV favors puts. Profits likely in both directions. In case of interim 20% dip: buy more, sell both pos +33% above the lower buy.***Alternate S&P500: Feb177P (SPY1422N177): Closed 2.14 on 2/6. Buy 2/7 opening, Sell +33% higher. Handle possible interim 20% dip as for the OEX choice.


*** LIMITED OPEN Sig Type A for 2/6/14: Feb740P(OEX1422N740): Closed 2.76, 2/5. TREND BALANCE  SHOWED PUTS OVEREXTENDED. OEX choice was not advised for buying, but SPY choice was OK, being closer to $2. *** Alternate S&P500:  Feb174P (SPY1422N174): Closed 2.20, Bought 2/6 opening 1.85, and more same day 1.48 on 20% dip. Sell 1.97, +33% above the lower buy.


*** CANCELED PREVIOUS Signal, Type D for 2/5/14: Feb730P (OEX1422N730): Closed 1.95 on 2/4. TREND BALANCE SHOWED PUTS OVEREXTENDED. Belated Buy was OK at 2/5 opening on previous day’s OEX signal which did not execute, but once again the put did not trade. WILL GO ON RECORD AS: ACTIVIY PAUSE. *** Alternate S&P500:  NONE ADVISED; ACTIVITY PAUSE.

### SOLD WITH PROFITS: Signal Type D, from “NMF” Alert for 2/4/14: Feb720P (OEX1422N720): Closed 2.60 on 2/3. Could not buy 2/4, did not trade. Canceled OEX orders, but see below for SPY gains. *** Alternate S&P500: Feb171P (SPY1422N171): Closed 1.92 on 2/3. Bought 2/4 opening 1.52, and more same day 1.22 on 20% dip. Sold both pos 1.70 on 2/5 rise to 1.77, +40% above the lower buy. Results were +11% and +40%.

*** OPEN Signal: Type B for 2/3/14: Feb815C (OEX1422B815): Closed 1.60 on 1/31. Bought 2/3 opening 0.70, and more same day 0.56 on 20% dip. Sell both positions 0.77, +37% above the lower buy (by 2/11, extended). *** Alternate S&P500: Feb180C (SPY1422B180): Closed 1.83 on 1/31. Bought 2/3 opening 1.52, and more same day 1.22 on 20% dip. Sell both positions 1.67, +37% above the lower buy (by 2/11).

### Partial Profit: Signal Type A for 1/31/14: Feb815C (OEX1422B815): Closed 2.10 on 1/30. Bought 1/31 opening 1.50, and more 1.20 next day (2/3) on 20% dip to 1.20. Sell both pos 1.68 (by 2/6), +40% above the lower buy. *** Alternate S&P500 choice: Feb180C (SPY1422B180): Closed 1.90 on 1/30. Bought 1/31 opening 1.29, sold same day +40% higher at 1.81. Result was +40%.

### SAME Day Profit: Signal Type D for 1/30/14: Feb735P (OEX1422N735): Closed 1.93 on 1/29. Could not buy 1/30, did not trade, cancel orders, but SPY(S&P500) choice enjoyed quick 1 day profits: Feb176P (SPY1422N176): Closed 2.16 on 1/29. Bought 1/30 opening 1.55 and more same day 1.24 on 20% dip. Sold 1.65 later same day. Results were +6% and +33%.

### Previous Signal: Type A for 1/29/14: Feb815C (OEX1422B815): Closed 2.35 on 1/28. Bought 1/29 opening 1.66, and more same day 1.33 on 20% dip. Sold both 1.77 (1/30), +33% above the lower buyResults were +6% and +33%. *** Alternate S&P500 choice: Feb180C (SPY1422B180): Closed 2.10 on 1/28. Bought 1/29 opening 1.57, and more same day 1.26 on 20% dip. Sold both above the 1.68 target, at 1/30 opening 1.85, >+33% above the lower buy. Results were +17% and +46%.

*** OPEN with Revision: Type B for 1/28/14: Feb815C (OEX1422B815): Closed 2.30 on 1/27. Bought 1/28 opening 2.35, and more same day 1.88 on 20% dip. Time Limit invoked: Cancel Sell 2.50, sell with new signal for 2/3.  *** Alternate S&P500 choice: Feb179C (SPY1422B179): Closed 2.22 on 1/27. Bought 1/28 opening 2.27. Time Limit Extended: Replace Sell 2.85-2.95 with: Sell 2.01 by 2/13.  

### Sold with Profits: Type D for 1/27/14 Feb735P (OEX1422N735): Closed 1.85 1/24.Bought 1/27 opening 2.30 and more same day 1.84 on 20% dip. Time Limit invoked: Sold above new target 2.05-2.35, at 2/3 opening 2.60. Results were +13% and +41%  ***Alternate SP500: Feb179P (SPY1422N179): Closed 2.21 1/24. As previously announced: Bought 1/27 2.68, Sold +40% higher same day 3.75 on rise to 3.81.



FURTHER FOLLOW-UP ON OTHER KVS PRODUCTS/SERVICESDJI closed -190 1/29. DOW*PLUS users were therefore advised: Buy calls 1/30.  Next 6 Days: DJI closed +110, -150, -326, +72, -5, +188.  Class 2 Clue to exit gave way to New Class 1 BUY. Holding calls; resume buying 2/5-6 after brief pause. CHECK HERE DAILY FOR EXIT!  /// Feb 5 eye opener repeated for the hesitant: On small down day, DJI up +137 intraday!  /// Feb 6: Hold into next week. KEEP CHECKING HERE FOR EXIT.


DOW*MD (MD = Magnitude Driver) sequences need daily DJI closings of 30 to 145 points, plus or minus or a mix. New upside sequence was OK to start 1/29, because of 1/28 closing +91, with your own trade choice, or the XV/NV/NMF choice. Hold till DOW*MD advises sale. Teamwork with DOW*PLUS suggested: Continue 1/30-31 and 2/3! Confirmed: Hold calls but do not resume buying till after brief pause: 2/5-6 OK. Feb calls 2/5 nearest $2: 795C (OEX1422B795) 2.20, 176C (SPY1422B176) 1.92.


/// Temporary Exit 2/7: Feb 795C (OEX1422B795) closed 3.89, 176C (SPY1422B176) 3.02. DO NOT OVERSTAY YOUR WELCOME. BUT BE PREPARED TO START NEW SEQUENCE 2/10-11!


Special study was announced for users for this past weekend, with upside projections based on major "instant" decline precedents, and subsequent rebounds. GOAL: timely new perspective on the "SKYFALL" of Jan 16-24. /// After DJI falls >649 points in 14 or fewer sessions, large rebounds tend to be inevitable! /// Review closely: the Phase 1 conclusions below!





JUN2013 -659 (4 DAYS), +707 (12 DAYS); AUG2013 -674(10 DAYS), +768 (15 DAYS); SEP-OCT 2013 -681 (11 DAYS)  OR -901 (14 DAYS WITH “BONUS” FOR BEARS), +904 (15 DAYS);  JAN 2014 -784 (8 DAYS), + ____  (INCOMPLETE). REBOUND IN PROGRESS; TARGET PROJECTION DUE BY FEB 14.





/// Resumption of XV/NV/NMF and "Op40" emails:  BOTH FULLY ACTIVE!  XV/NV/NMF INNOVATION: rows flagged by *** and ###, explained in email.  Nomenclature refresher: XV = Extreme Volatility, NV = Natural Volatility, NMF = Natural Market Force, producing triple digit DJI closings. Current subscribers should continue to use the guidelines and rules previously provided, there has been no recent revision. But the resumed emails do give SPECIFIC new and follow-up advice. “OP40” = OPTIONS “40 IN 4”, ACTIVE SINCE 1996. SUBSCRIBERS RECEIVE EXTRA EMAILS, SEPARATE FROM XV/NV/NMF.


If your XV/NV/NMF, and/or "Op40", email subscription is not active, or near expiration, renew either by return email to (voice mail 828-692-3401) for $193 for 6 months, or both for $288. Also for $288, an alternate or additional choice: 6 months XV/NV/NMF with DOW*MD and bonus: DOW*PLUS. Your order will be charged to your credit card on file, or provide new information. KVS will not be able to avoid substantial price increases Feb 2014. Even with reduced staff we do answer questions promptly! KVS Staff 



Dear KVS Website User: Shortly after the restart of the website with NEW EMPHASIS, the following illustration was added, using

Dear KVS Website User: Shortly after the restart of the website with NEW EMPHASIS, the following illustration was added, using a trade in progress. If you are a user of a KVS nightly email service, you have received this update: otherwise thanks for giving it a close look, to further your introduction to the DOW*MD product. For access to such updates more regularly and quickly, you're invited to a courtesy sampling of a nightly KVS email, featuring continuing OPTION TRADING advice: request from


/////////////////////////////////////////////   Updates on other KVS Services   /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////



To distinguish from here on: a Q&A for a Mixed Audience of Prospective Users, from a Q&A for Users of Record: Those who Subscribe, the second group now has each question preceded by U/ as U/Q1, U/A1. If you’re not signed up yet as a DOW*MD user of record,  introductory rate is $125 for 3 months, don’t postpone it, will rise substantially.  Email: /// Both groups are receiving the special feature you’re about to read:  /// ACTUAL TRADE STARTING OR STARTED OCT 23!


U/Q1: The new trade was to be to the upside, unless I misread last night’s instruction. Soon after today’s opening the Dow was down over 90 points. Was I to trade put options?

U/A1: You did not misread. Yesterday’s DJI close of +75 was the trigger for an upside trade sequence.


U/Q2: So an upside trade sequence can start with a down closing?

U/A2: Yes. As a matter of fact: if today’s closing gives us a SMALL down day, the sequence may have to be aborted. Should we have a BIG down day: that would be a BOOST for CALL options.


U/Q3: What was the outcome of the last upside trade sequence?

U/A3: This was the sequence, from Oct 11 thru 16: DJI closings were +111, +64, -133, +206. Sum = +248. The safe maximum gain for a sequence is +150: this sequence ended with a “bonus”, despite a third day drop of -133.


U/Q4: One day before the sequence you just reviewed, the Dow closed +323. Why was that day not part of the same trade sequence? Would have made the gain much larger.

U/A4: Just before starting a sequence, it’s a must to assure, by plain math, that we are about to have sequence. The Oct 9 and 10 closings of +26 and +323 met the test; trade sequence started a day later.


U/Q5: How will I know when to take my profit or loss on the current trade?

U/A5: If you’re signed up at the introductory rate, you’ll receive an extra email by 10PM 10/23 that advises you whether to hold or exit, and if to hold: what will trigger the exit? Meanwhile, the basics for closing a trade sequence are in the Q&A in the DOW*MD feature on our website, see below! Thanks for your questions! Ben


/// “DOW*MD”:  See the initial feature on the KVS Web Site, just Restarted 10/16 with NEW EMPHASIS. Site address: On the first page (the Index Page) click this LINK, the first or second on the page: *** NEW PROFIT CLUES FROM THE OLD DOW? YES, 5 DAYS A WEEK! There will be more illustrations and pointers in the next 5 to 7 days. For specific trade announcements and tracking, proceed per text in Q8 thru A10. Introductory offer: fee has not risen yet, still very low. Orders and questions:, voice 828-692-3401.



///////////    What follows is the NEW EMPHASIS Sep/Oct 1013 introduction    ////////////


/// KVS WEB SITE REMINDER:  NEW EMPHASIS, NEW CONTENT: “KICK-OFF” IN  PROGRESS! Starting near mid-Oct 2013 the emphasis is on how to learn from the Dow, Wall Street’s traditional market source, what it is ABOUT TO DO, in the next 2 to 10 days, based on what it HAS DONE in the past 2 to 10 days. Some of you have had a head start by ordering thru a KVS nightly email you subscribe to.  For others: The Q&A below is your starter.  /// Previous web-site content will be saved for its historical value.






Using Specific Codes MD3, MD5 and MD7 to Pinpoint:



Recommended review, before you read the Q&A: Announcement(s) you received within the last few days, featuring the NEW KVS WEBSITE EMPHASIS, in your daily KVS emails with option trading advice. Copy provided promptly, request from: .


Q1:  What triggers such a strong and quick Dow move, for as much as +150 points profit within just 10 days?


A1:  A consecutive sequence of daily Dow (DJI) closing changes, up or down or mixed, in the range of 30 to 145 points. Recent examples: Sequence from 9/13 thru 9/18 was +75, +119, +35, +147. Sequence ended 9/19 when 145 was exceeded. The 9/20 close of -40 was the possible start of a new sequence.


/// previous sequence, 9/9 thru 9/11, was: +141, +128, +136. Sequence was broken by the next closing, it was -26.  /// Previous sequence, 8/21 thru 8/26 was -105, +66, +47, [-64]. You’ll learn that for sequences preceded by a negative closing, a safer maximum profit goal of +115, rather than +150, works better. End of sequence was confirmed by the 8/27 closing of -170.


Available profits for the 3 sequences were, using only the easily learned basic guidelines: +182 (9/19), +238 (9/13), and +113 (8/26). Duration ranged from 2 to 3 trading days.



Q2: I want to make sure that the profit of +238 on 9/13 was not a misprint, because the targeted high profit is +150.


A2: The basic guidelines advise you to defer your profit taking to the completion of a sequence, and you do get an occasional “bonus” by not using a firm limit of +150.



Q3: Going by the requirements stated in A1: Some good DJI moves, early in a new sequence, are not tradable because you don’t know yet whether you are in a sequence?


A3: That is correct, according to the basic guidelines which keep things simple. No credit was taken in the 3 examples for the first day up-moves of +75 and +141. But a down move of -105 was beneficially avoided.



Q4: What do the codes MD3, MD5 and MD7 mean?

A4: MD = Magnitude Driver, the name of the trading logic. The number is the estimated count of trading days, for a sequence to complete. In the examples in A1 the completion counts were 4, 3, and 4 again. MD5 has been the most common code.



Q5: I assume that the KVS website is not going to give away the full trading intelligence. How much of it will be free, and how much extra for specific guidance?


A5: Until February 2014 the fee for all participants will be a remarkably low $100. Thus, for 5 months, the sequences will be announced for you, and also tracked to completion for you, at a low average cost of $20 per month. It will then be strictly your decision whether to continue or not. You may trade on your own, or extend your participation period with continued input from KVS at a gradually increasing fee, maximum $700. Before the increases begin, there will be an automatic 2 month extension as a bonus, for those who started in Sep or Oct 2013, reducing the initial “get acquainted” cost below $20 per month.


Q6: Do I choose my own trading vehicle?

A6: Yes. If you do prefer a KVS trading vehicle, the handiest sources are the daily emails from KVS, with S&P100 and S&P500 option choices, priced near $2.


Q7: Are there daily Dow sequences that forewarn down moves for profits from PUT options!

A7: These are exceptional cases. To be advised of them, add $25 to the introductory rate in Q8/A8.



Q8: How do I sign up for the DOW MAGNITUDE DRIVER at the introductory rate; how much, and for how long?

 A8: At the introductory rate, available as you read this, you’ll be advised of tradable Dow (DJI) sequences, described and illustrated in Q1/A1 -- and further explained starting in  Q2/A2 – beginning on or near 10/16/13 for coordination with the KVS website, just restarted with new emphasis. Website address is  The fee of $100 -- or 125 to also learn Dow sequences that prompt put-option trades -- will cover the period to February 2014. and a bonus may extend it, described in A5.  For ways to continue, strictly by your choice: also see A5.


Q9: Have I missed trading sequences since the ones illustrated in Q1/A1?  A9:  There were two additional sequences, but they were for trading put options. As soon as a new sequence for trading call options is ready for trading, you’ll be advised by email in time for action, if your order is on record. If you have not ordered yet, see below:


To sign up:  Send email to with credit card information (Visa, Master Card or American Express) and your choice of $100, or $125 per A8. If the card you used for another KVS order within the past 12 months remains your choice, just say: same card as last time. If expiration changed, please update. Be sure to include your name, and your zip code. Thank you for choosing KVS products & services!  Ben Sterling and KVS staff (828-692-3401).


Q10: In case you run into technical delays with the” New Emphasis” website ---- and meantime there are new tradable Dow sequences:  will I be advised by email?  A10: Yes you will be. But you need to be signed up at the introductory rate per Q8/A8: it’s recommended that you order by return email.  Thanks for becoming a user of  DOW*MD!